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Bar Tie Wire

Bar Tie Wire

100 INR/Kilograms

Product Details:

  • Product Type Bar Tie Wire
  • Material Steel
  • Color Silver
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Bar Tie Wire Price and Quantity

  • 100 INR/Kilograms
  • 100 Kilograms

Bar Tie Wire Specification

  • Steel
  • Bar Tie Wire
  • Silver

Bar Tie Wire Trade Information

  • 7 Days

Product Description

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Applications of Bar Tie Wire:

Bar tie wire, also known as tie wire or rebar tie wire, is a type of wire commonly used in construction and other industries for securing and tying together steel bars or rebar. It is typically made of annealed steel wire for flexibility and strength. Bar tie wire plays a crucial role in reinforcing concrete structures and ensuring their stability. Here are some of the main applications of bar tie wire:

1. Concrete reinforcement: Bar tie wire is extensively used to secure and hold reinforcing steel bars (rebar) in place within concrete structures. By tying rebar together, it forms a solid reinforcement matrix that enhances the concrete's tensile strength and prevents cracks from forming as the concrete cures and experiences loads.

2. Construction of foundations: In the construction of building foundations, tie bar wire is utilized to tie the rebar grid together, providing structural integrity and stability to the foundation. This is particularly important in areas with seismic activity where foundations need to be robust.

3. Bridge construction: Bar tie wire is commonly used in the construction of bridges to tie the rebar in place for abutments, piers, and beams. The secure connection of rebar ensures that the bridge can handle heavy loads and withstand dynamic forces.

4. Road and highway construction: In road and highway projects, bar tie wire is used to reinforce concrete pavements and other structures. It helps increase the longevity and durability of the roads by preventing cracking and improving load-bearing capacity.

5. High-rise building construction: Bar tie wire is essential in constructing tall buildings and skyscrapers, where it is used to tie together the rebar for columns, walls, and floor slabs. This reinforces the concrete, enabling the structure to bear the weight and forces it will experience over time.

6. Retaining walls: Bar tie wire is employed to reinforce retaining walls, preventing soil erosion and ensuring the walls can withstand the lateral pressure exerted by the soil they retain.

7. Water and wastewater treatment facilities: In the construction of water treatment plants and wastewater facilities, bar tie wire is used to reinforce concrete structures such as settling tanks, sedimentation basins, and other components.

8. Tunnels and underground structures: Tie bar wire is utilized in tunnel construction to secure rebar in tunnel linings and other underground structures, ensuring their strength and stability.

9. Pre-cast concrete products: Bar tie wire is used in the pre-casting industry to bind together steel reinforcement before pouring concrete into molds. This ensures that the pre-cast concrete products have the required strength and structural integrity.

10. Masonry and brickwork: In certain construction projects, bar tie wire is also employed to tie masonry and brickwork together, providing additional stability to the structure.


Q. What is bar tie wire?

Ans: Bar tie wire, also known as tie wire or rebar tie wire, is a type of wire made from annealed steel. It is commonly used in construction to secure and tie together steel bars or rebar within concrete structures.

Q. What is the diameter of bar tie wire?

Ans: The diameter of tie bar wire typically ranges from 16 gauge to 18 gauge (approximately 1.2mm to 1.6mm). The most common diameter used is 16 gauge.

Q. How is bar tie wire used in construction?

Ans: Bar tie wire is used to tie together steel reinforcement bars (rebar) in concrete construction. It forms a strong reinforcement matrix that enhances the concrete's strength and prevents cracks from forming.

Q. Can bar tie wire be used with any type of rebar?

Ans: Yes, bar tie wire can be used with different types of rebar, including plain, deformed, or epoxy-coated rebar.

Q. How is bar tie wire applied?

Ans: To apply tie bar wire, construction workers typically use a special tool known as a "rebar tying tool" or "rebar tier." The tool automates the process of twisting and tying the wire around the rebar intersections, making the task more efficient and saving time.

Q. Is bar tie wire reusable?

Ans: No, bar tie wire is generally not intended to be reused. Once it is tied around the rebar and cut, it is left in place as a permanent part of the reinforced concrete structure.

Q. What are the advantages of using bar tie wire?

Ans: Using bar tie wire provides several advantages, such as ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and improved structural integrity. It ensures proper alignment and positioning of rebar, preventing movement during concrete pouring and curing.

Q. Can bar tie wire be used for other purposes?

Ans: While bar tie wire is primarily designed for securing rebar in construction, it can also be used in other applications, such as tying together masonry or brickwork.

Q. Is bar tie wire corrosion-resistant?

Ans: Bar tie wire is typically made from annealed steel, which is not inherently corrosion-resistant. However, in most cases, the wire is encased within the concrete, reducing its exposure to external elements and minimizing the risk of corrosion.

Q. Are there any safety considerations when using bar tie wire?

Ans: Like any construction material, proper safety measures should be taken when handling tie bar wire, such as using protective gloves to avoid cuts and ensuring proper storage to prevent tangling or entanglement.

Q. Where can I buy bar tie wire?

Ans: Bar tie wire is available at hardware stores, construction supply centers, and online retailers that specialize in construction materials and tools.
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