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Industrial Wires
Our company is rendering a wide range of best quality Industrial Wires that are utilized to manufacture spare parts which are applicable for household items, electronic appliances and automobile components.
Wire for Springs
Our range of Wire For Springs is best suitable for forming different kinds of compression springs that are used for making machine components, equipments and other devices. These are corrosive resistance, high in strength, flexible, long lasting and so on.
Welding Wires
Our range of superior quality Welding Wires is designed for constructing electrical goods and machinery parts. These are facilitated with high tensile strength, high performance efficiency, smooth texture, durability and more.

Carbon Steel Wires
This range of supreme quality Carbon Steel Wires is widely used for producing different kinds of components that are applicable for construction areas, cutlery items, automobile parts and many more.

CHQ Wire
We are providing a variety of premium quality CHQ Wire (Cold Heading Quality Wire) that is used in numerous industries and factories for binding cartons and fabricating electrical appliances, household items, automobile parts and many more.
Bright Bars
This range of Bright Bars is applicable in diverse industries, architectural fields as well as pharmaceuticals. These are known for high tensile strength, anti-abrasion structure, longer shelf life, polished surface and seamless finishing.
Wires for Spoke
You will get a large variety of standard quality Wires For Spokes in our company. The said item is used in bikes, cycles etc. for supporting and preventing any kind of sudden shock.
Stitching Wires
We are the manufacturer of a wide range of standard quality Stitching Wires that are suitable for fastening as well as binding the cartons. These are used in industries for stitching materials as well as packaging purpose.
MS Wires
The range of best quality Mild Steel Wires are manufactured using stainless steel. These are known for their anti-corrosive nature, sturdy construction, high tensile strength as well as flexibility and longevity.
Fan Guard Wires
We are producing a wide range of Fan Guard Wires which are rugged in nature, smooth functioning, easy to use, high performance efficient and more. These are used in various industries as well as other fields for numerous purposes.
Link Chains Wires
Our company is eminent in providing a large variety of supreme quality Wires For Link Chains. These are fabricated using best grade components which makes them high strength enduring, rust proof, anti-corrosive in nature, smooth functioning and more.
Mild Steel Annealed Wires
The range of Mild Steel Black Annealed Wires is widely used in civil construction and is highly appreciated of among the customers due to their sturdy construction, ant-abrasion nature, high tensile strength, low maintenance etc.
Nut & Bolts Wire
Our range of optimum quality Nut Bolt Wires is known for its various attributes which includes high performance efficiency, easy usage, polished surface, robust structure, long lasting service, high tensile strength and many more.
Steel Ball Wire
You will get a wide range of premium quality Ball Bearings Wire in our company. The said product is used in industries on a large scale as it is rugged in nature, easy to use, corrosion resistant, durable, high in strength and so on.
Wire For Cutting Tools
Wire for cutting tools are mainly used for engineering files. Made of fine steel, the wire can be availed in any size and other technical specifications. We welcome customers from engineering industries for purchasing wire.
Wires for Cut Wire Shot
Our company supplies wires for cut wire shots. The aluminum cut wire shots can be further used to clean and reinforce the surface of components that are made of non-ferrous metal alloys. These shots have specific hardness, boiling point and gravity.
High Speed Steel Wires
High speed steel wires are drill wires available in four grades. Available in standard dimensions and weight, these wires are known for their high tensile strength and durability.